Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Looking back at the past year of Lord Admiral

First, warm wishes and happy holidays to everyone who reads my blog, whether you celebrate Lanimas like I do, or another one of the many wonderful holidays this time of year, or no holiday at all!

Secondly, some navel-gazing. I was looking back over the past year to see which of my posts were the most popular, and since I found the results pretty interesting, I thought I'd share!

My posts about Binwin Bronzebottom are my top sources of visitors, especially Binwin Bronzebottom T-Shirts and Binwin Bronzebottom and the Quest for More Money.

Perhaps because Binwin-related visits were spread out over a number of pages, my top landing page (after the home page, of course), was The Alternative Press Expo, or, Can My Camera Flash You? (which I have now adjusted so that I don't spent the whole post saying "nurds are cute hurr hurr"). Most people who have been finding that page lately are no doubt looking forward to the next Alternative Press Expo, as they are apparently arriving based on Google searches for Dylan Meconis (the talented comician behind Family Man) and Der-shing Helmer (the wizard behind my current favorite webcomic, The Meek). These searchers must be trying to discover how these skilled comicians look to prepare themselves for their own photo safari. I do apologize for my pictures being so unprofessional, unflattering, and, in Der-shing's case, incredibly fuzzy.

Also bringing in the visitors are my posts about my 2009 visit to Wondercon, my excitement about attending a Dungeons and Dragons Encounters game set in the Dark Sun universe, and my personal favorite, my nerdy thoughts on Wolverine.

Rounding out my top pages for the year are Fetch Me My Blade and Let the Music Begin, which is about my heavy metal album cover CD project (remember that?), The Coolest Video Game Box Art of All Time about Mechwarrior 2's box art, and my review of Last Exile, which was part of my short tenure at Brass Goggles.

Thank you all for reading, and hopefully next year I can continue to entertain the five loyal readers I have, both here and on Supervillainous (which now has content. Go check it out!)

Monday, December 6, 2010


My otherwise spooky wife loves things that are weird and cute, and thus, she recently introduced me to Mameshiba. Watch the videos: someone tries to eat a lunch involving some variety of the beans, but one of the beans turns into a bean-dog creature and tells them a trivia fact. And it's adorable.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Your New Crush

One of my friends recently told me about a group of history teachers in Hawaii who have a Youtube channel where they do covers of pop songs that change the words to history lessons.

This is the first song I saw, which is really good:

Now, setting a song about the French Revolution to the tune of "Bad Romance" is pretty good, but this is the video that sealed it for me:

Go on, tell me you don't have a crush on her now.

Added bonus: have some more awesome "Bad Romance" covers!

This one should be title Bäd Ro\m/ance:

And for my wife, for posting about crushes on other ladies (I wasn't being serious, honest). She's seen it before, but it's worth watching again:

(also, I apologize for Blogger cutting off the right side of all Youtube videos. Click through to Youtube to see them full-sized).

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November is over!


I actually finished Red Devil on the 26th, and spent the next few days rewarding myself by playing video games and reading comics. Looking back, it's a bit strange because I feel like the point where I ended my novel would be a great starting point for an even BETTER novel, but hey, there's always next November.

Congratulations to all other winners, whether you're a novelist or someone who did a spin-off project.

And if you didn't win this year, I hope you try again next year!