Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to tell Deadpool apart from Bullshit

It seems that some people do not know how to tell the Marvel Comics character Deadpool apart from bullshit. Here is a handy visual reference for those people:




bluefish said...

Thanks. I always get those confused.


Russell said...

You see, normally I'm inclined to agree with you but in this case I think it works.

1.It lets us have deadpool within the often loosely based confines of the comic-book cinema world. No character's backstory or persona is safe.

2.The casting was amazing. Ryan Reynolds was perfect. Even the slightest possibility of him having his own movie fills me with glee.


3.The problems, as I see them, are the laser beams and the arm blades. The laser beams are easily fixed (his head was cut off, when it grows back they'll be gone and his mouth will have returned). The blades can be broken off. When he regenerates he has to grow his head back so he'll have no memory of previous events, maybe a little brain damage, and he can get on with being the crazy asshole we all know and love.

4. It's freakin Deadpool in a movie. No bullshit here says I.

Though your argument is well founded and expressed as always, I'm afraid it's overridden by my pathetically wishful thinking. I can only hope the rest of the fanboys are as deluded as I am.