Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TF2 Woes

I was playing TF2 today, because my lady digs it and her enthusiasm for it made me want to play once more. I was playing Sniper, my lady's favorite class, because Sniper had previously been my worst class and I wanted to get some better stats with him. My previous best life was 1 headshot and 4 points. This time I made 4 headshots and 12 points by finding a nice hidey hole in Goldrush next to a sentry gun/dispenser near the enemy base. I played several more games, then TF crapped out on me when I alt-tabbed from the game. I got back in, but when I tried to look at my weapon loadout it gave me some sort of error about not being on Steam. No worries, though, I quit and came back in... to find that I was back to 4 points, 1 headshot with the Sniper. Lame!

But you all believe me, right?

Now, here is a picture of the Team Fortress classes as women:

Is it wrong that I find the Pyro the sexiest? And the Medic is definitely second.


UPDATE: And here's another one. And it's not the only other one I've found. Man, internets.

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bluefish said...

At least they're all more or less fully dressed. The internets can be ... saucy.