Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ficly: It's like Ficlets, but with a dumber name!

So here's the premise: someone writes a short story. It has to be very short: there's a 1,024 character limit. Someone else likes the story and thinks he or she knows what happens next, so he or she writes the next part of the story, also with a 1,024 character limit. Someone else reads that short story, but thinks that rather than following after the original short story, it should follow after a new story; so he or she writes a prequel to the second story, again, with a 1,024 character limit. On and on it goes, with the stories branching and expanding, like a game of telephone or a crystal formation.

That's what's happening right now on ficly. It's sort of a reborn "ficlets," which was a site that came before that closed down. I remember back when Wil Wheaton first wrote about ficlets, and I thought it was a cool idea and always sort of wanted to join it, but never got around to it. Then ficlets got shut down and I thought, well, too bad; I missed my opportunity. But now it's back, sort of, and I so I decided that I wouldn't let it pass me by again: I created an account and have already written a couple of stories.

Check out my stories if you have a few minutes to waste. Make a profile, leave some comments (you know I love comments!), or better yet, write some stories of your own! If you let me know what your account is, I'll add you as a friend and write some prequels/sequels to your stories.

What do you think? Sound like fun?

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Kawaika said...

Looks brillig. I'm gonna sign up.