Tuesday, June 22, 2010

O, to be a psychic, four-armed bug-man!

Our D&D Encounters group had our second game last week, and tomorrow's the next game. The second game was even more fun than the first, which is really saying something. The players seemed more relaxed, and the DM was really getting into it. He would take simple rolls and actions and describe them in epic terms.

In one particularly memorable moment, one of the characters, a Mul (half-dwarf) ex-gladiator was wrestling with a giant beetle that held him in its pincers. The beetle opened a secondary mouth and jabbed a needle-sharp proboscis into the Mul's chest, poisoning him. Not one to be taken down lightly, the Mul broke free of the beetle's grasp and used an ability that let him end the "poisoned" condition. The DM enthusiastically described how the character out-wrestled the beetle, then used his diaphragm to pump out the venom from his chest. If you can, try to picture someone holding an imaginary beetle's pincers in his hands while pantomiming pumping poison from your chest with your diaphragm. He had us in stitches, and the moment will probably live forever in my memories of D&D.

My character so far has been reliable and I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of tanking (though I probably could be using my offensive abilities better). Still, I feel like I'm getting the hang on this character, and hopefully I'll be more on top of things in tomorrow's session. We'll see if maybe I can even get such a legendary moment of greatness!

If any of you are still wondering why I'm so stoked about playing a thri-kreen, check out this picture. Some thri-kreen art looks pretty terrible, as they can look like lumpy beetle-people, but this is the way I picture my guy:

Though my current character has a stone, three-bladed halberd, orangish markings, and a mangled arm.

See you in Athas!


Russell said...

Nice. I enjoy reading your Dark Sun roundups, and I can't wait till the books release so I can scour a group of heroes in harsh desert landscapes myself.

Thri Kreen are cool. Picked up one of these for three bucks a few weeks ago at my local comic book shop: http://cgi.ebay.com/Thri-Kreen-Barbarian-35-26-Angelfire-D-D-Miniatures-/290448463967?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43a013d85f

Looking forward to more writeups

bluefish said...

I think it's particularly important that the DM describes things in detail. That's part of the magic of D&D, and something that trascends editions. Everyone wants to run through a room with their feet pounding the ancient dust, swinging their gleaming broadsword over their heads while they yell an ancient warcry and split a monster's skull to the teeth. Moving four squares and using an encounter power to do 19 points of damage isn't nearly the same thing. I've heard convincing arguments why fourth isn't good for this action-based gaming, and I'm glad to hear your DM has find a way to transcend that.