Monday, March 28, 2011

I have no words for how happy this makes me

For a while now I have been jealous of one of my friends, who looks eerily like Christopher Marlowe:

I mean, who wouldn't want to look like one of history's greatest writers? Heck, looking a lot like any historical personality would be downright awesome. I browsed Wikipedia in the vain hope of finding someone I resembled, but my search bore no fruit.

Then today, my brother sent me this picture:
That's a young Leo Tolstoy. While he doesn't look exactly like me, the resemblance is pretty striking, and weirdly seems to grow more noticeable the more I look at it. I think it's especially around the eyes (the mustache and sideburns helps).

It's not just the facial hair, though. My brother sent me another picture, without the sideburns, and it still looks quite a bit like me:

I sat at my desk grinning like a loon for about half an hour after seeing this picture.

The good news: I bear a strong resemblance to one of history's great figures.

The bad news: I guess this means I have to read War and Peace.

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