Monday, May 9, 2011

I think I saw a tumbleweed go by...

It's been a while since I've received a comment on this blog.

My other blog, Supervillainous, has the dubious honor of having a grand total of zero comments on it. (There was a comment or two on a placeholder post I originally put up, but that post has since been deleted.)

I'm not writing this post to be bitter (well, maybe a little) or to remind you that I always try to leave comments when I read a blog post (hint hint), but to introduce a change I have implemented: I have turned on "Reactions."

I know that some people read this blog. I also know that it's only around five people, but hey, an audience is an audience. So I figure that the reason that people don't leave comments is that there isn't much to say. People I know tend to be pretty sharp, and not the kind to leave comments like "Yep, I read it," or "Me, too," or "lol." So, to make it easier to give a reaction to my posts, I have added the ability to note whether you thought that a particular entry was "interesting," "weird," and/or "amusing."

Let's see if it works!

PS: Feel free to leave comments, too, if you want.
PPS: If your comment is "First!" I will cry a little, on the inside.


James said...

Primary! Heh. Just FYI, I always read your blogs via RSS, so commenting isn't generally presented to me as an option, and it never occurs to me to visit the site. I totally get the value of feedback and what it is to feel as though you're talking to an empty space, so I'll try to remember my commenting options in the future. B)

Baron von Chop said...

Commenting on the RSS feed by sharing it and leaving a note is also valid! But harder for me to keep track of. :B