Monday, September 5, 2011

Write Fifteen Minutes a Day (WFMAD) Challenge So Far

So far this month, I have been participating in the Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge. This is supposed to be done in August, but a friend of mine organized a September version online and invited me to join in.

I have been planning on running a Gamma World RPG campaign, or maybe a Dark Sun campaign, or some kind of campaign, for ages now, but I had never really bothered to think it through. I took this opportunity to start fleshing out some details for my setting, starting with the name.

I have also been asking people for feedback (thanks for the feedback I've gotten so far!), but when I ask people about what else I should write about, but people don't know enough about the setting and what's percolating in my brain to ask for it. So here are the posts I've written so far, and some others I'm thinking about writing. Let me know which of these you'd like to see!

Already Written:
Welcome to Berk - A basic overview of the setting and its history.

Berk Faction Profile: Librarians - The scholar-defenders of Berk.

Berk Species Profile: Tofu People - People made of tofu, including information on the Vegan Cannibals species faction.

Berk Faction Profile: Gibsons - Cyberpunk raiders obsessed with first-person shooters.

Berk Species Profile: Russian Werewolves - Amiable self-styled occupation force, including information on the First Vladivostok Werewolf Airborne species faction

Berk Species Profile: Robots - Clanky, dented metal people from the Between-Time.

Guide to Berk: Monsters - Mutant squirrels, mutant raccoons, mutant pigeons, and more...

Guide to Berk: Weapons - Solid projectile weapons, energy weapons, melee weapons, and some of the more exotic weapons still built today in Berk.

Berk Locations: Redwood - A Wild West-type city of ents.

Berk Species Profile: Cuttlefolk - Friendly, stubby cuttlefish people from the Sunken City.

Berk Locations: The Sunken City - Home of the Cuttlefolk

Guide to Berk: Vehicles -  From cars to horses to an elephant named Victoria.

Berk Faction Brofile: Brofessors - Keep university culture alive by combining frat boys and college professors

Berk Species Profile: Ents - Living plants descended either from a very powerful strain of weed or people who smoked a lot of weed (or both)

Sample Characters:
Sericea Nix, Librarian Researcher
Aleksander Kolyarov, Russian Werewolf
Horatio Wilberplorp, Sepia Society Cuttlefolk

Berk Locations: Cyberdome - The second home to all Gibsons.

Sample Character:
Annie "Oakleaf" Dell, Redwood Deputy

Who's Who in Berk - Faction Leaders
Librarians and Russian Werewolves - Millicent Renfield and Ivan Ivanovich
Brofessors and Redwood Deputies - Chaz "Horatio" Horowitz, Sheriff Woodrow Stihl

Sample Characters:
Felix "Noobsniper666" Mansetti, Former Gibson
Professor Clanky, Robot

Notorious Villains of Berk:
Xander Bonaparte, Berkeley, Kittenbot 3000
The Steve, Queen Raider MacRaider

Sample Adventure: The Beloved Company
Introduction, Encounters One and Two

Yet to be Written:
Berk Faction Profile: Yoga Zombies - People who meditate to the point that their brains shut down and all they do is shamble around moaning "om" and twisting people into yoga poses.

Berk Faction Profile: Hermits - People who live their whole lives encased in a suit of armor, which they constantly add to and expand.

Berk Faction Profile - Berk Burkes - Men and women in shabby top hats, black coats, and fingerless gloves who do the nasty odd jobs around town.

Berk Locations: Libraries of Berk - Strongholds of the Librarians.

Berk Locations: Subway Stations of Berk - Strongholds of the Russian Werewolves.

By the way, I should take this opportunity to say that I plan on going back and revising some of my past posts, so I apologize to those of you who have already read those posts and will be missing the new information. For instance, I've been meaning to add that energy weapons in Berk are called "Kenners," but I never got around to doing so. I plan on revising the past posts to start calling energy weapons "Kenners," so don't be confused!

Also, should I add the Who's Who and Sample PCs section separately, or as revisions to the original, relevant posts? For instance, should I include the character of Tsar Boris, the Russian Werewolf commander of the constantly-besieged Macarthurvich Station, to the Russian Werewolf post, or should I have a separate Who's Who post that lists all such characters? Or should each character have his or her own post?

Let me know what you think! And here's to writing 15 minutes a day!


Doomfinger said...

I finally read all the entries and I think they are excellent. I feel like playing a real RPG now... The Tofu People entry reminded me of Aldiss' "The Long Afternoon of Earth" except in a good way. One of the interesting ideas in that novel involves a near extinct human species fighting for survival against the vegetable vermin which now occupy the highest spot on the food chain.

I look forward to reading about the Cuttlefolk.

You should just have a separate Who's Who entry. But then I'm not known for my organization skills...

Baron von Chop said...

I still haven't decided on how I'm going to do the Who's Who. Maybe I'll have several, one for Librarian characters, one for Russian Werewolves, etc.

Glad you like this project so far!