Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Heart of D&D

As I was sailing the aether of the Google Nebula, trying to discover the hidden secrets of Dungeons and Dragons, when I came across these videos. Known as Dungeon Majesty, they feature four female players and a male Dungeon Master playing D&D, with much bluescreen and simple animation being used to illustrate the action. The link I originally found described the show in not-entirely-flattering terms as lacking polish and production value, but at least partially making up for that in heart and enthusiasm. I transferred the file to my computer via the aetherospheric network, expecting to watch maybe a minute or two and get a chuckle out of it. I found myself watching the entire show. True, the effects are lackluster, though they are better than I expected. It is also true that the show tries to sell itself with the appeal of women playing D&D.

What surprised me, however, was the nostalgia involved in the show. The players really seem to enjoy playing their characters, and the Dungeon Master tries to breathe new life into the stale air of the dungeon crawl.

This is what D&D should be all about: friends gathering together to have fun and tell a story. They did not need fancy races or exotic abilities. They just need friends, dice, and a dungeon. If you like D&D, or if you have long wondered what this game entails, check out the video.

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Kawaika said...

For some reason I can't DL the vids. I guess I failed my spot check.