Sunday, October 12, 2008

New "There She Is!!" Videos!

The Korean series "There She Is!!" is probably the most charming Flash cartoon on the internet. After the original episode and the sequel, "Cake Dance," a long time passed before the next episode was completed. The series got sponsored by a corporation, but this meant that the availability of future releases was in question. Eventually, I stopped checking the site, having somewhat given up on seeing the rest of the series.

Today I checked the site and, to my surprise and delight, there were not one, but two new episodes! You can check out the entire series here:

The story focuses on a girl rabbit, Doki, who falls in love with a boy cat, Nabi. In their world, however, love between rabbits and cats is forbidden. The series explores prejudice and its effects on young love.

I should warn you that the episodes get darker as they go on, as societal pressure mounts on our two adorable heroes. The fourth episode is especially dark, but I have no doubt that the fifth episode, when it is released, will make everything all right.