Saturday, July 18, 2009

Giant Robots

What's the difference between a 'mech and a mecha? They're both types of giant robots piloted by people in fictional future universes. Personally, I've always believed that 'mechs are chunky military weapons armed with cannons, missiles, and lasers, planet-bound, and often found in video games. Mecha are more slick and human-shaped, often have swords as well as ridiculous energy weapons, sometimes can fly and/or operate in space, and are often found in anime.

I prefer 'mechs. Maybe I dig that they're piloted by grim soldiers rather than whiny teenagers. Maybe I like how real they feel. And maybe I just love things like this:

I never played the other MechWarrior games. Apparently MechWarrior 2 was amazing, though. Maybe it's time I invested in a good joystick....

In other news, there is no way my computer would be able to handle the new game. I'm not likely to upgrade soon, either, since I honestly haven't been playing enough video games lately to justify the expense. Could I be... growing up? Now there's a scary thought. I think I'll watch some giant robots shooting each other again now to put it out of my mind.


Kawaika said...

I think of Mechs as being more realistic than Mechas and I prefer Mechs to Mechas as well.

I never got to play many of the Mechwarrior games, but the one I played (I can't even remember the name of it) was pretty fun. There was a great Mech series for the Playstation too, but I can't even remember the name of it now.

I'd love to get a new laptop, but I just don't know when that will happen. The only games I play on a somewhat regular basis are Crimsonland (the original version) and AssaultCube. I'd love to try some other games out, but I just don't have much time or money.

Brian Schulman said...

Man, I had Mechwarrior 2 back in the day, it came bundled with my first 3D card, and it was EXCELLENT. Screw some gameboy gundam bullshit. I wanna worry about whether my massive, rusty, clanking mess of a walking tank is overheating when I fire my gatling gun.

Kyle said...

That video teaches us an important lesson - if your 'mech's ejection system shoots you straight up out of it's head, make sure you tilt it's head just a little bit before you eject, so you go out at a bit of an angle, and don't parachute straight down into a big explosion. ;-)

Kyle said...

*its, not it's